Three important thing that will keep your child dental health in good condition

November 4, 2018 By admin 0

Over the years children’s dentistry has become one of the major concerns for most of the parents because more children are often suffering from the dental problems.  Primary teeth that are commonly known as the baby teethes start growing in a child at six months of birth and fully grow till child gets three years old.  As soon as child get up to 10 years old the entire primary teethes are then replaced by the secondary teethes. Usually primary teethes are the birth teethes that are made up of milk and have a major proportion of these teethes contains enamel that make these teethes stronger and hard. Although the teeth replacement from primary to secondary is completely a natural process that happens with every kid but during this process lot of kids have to bear severe dental pain and aches during this process and they are unable to eat properly.

Doctors recommend fluoride toothpaste for kids

Fluoride is the most essential for the development of teethes particularly in the kids. The kids who regularly brush their teeth with the fluoride toothpaste usually have stronger teethes in compared to the kids who don’t brush them with a fluoride toothpaste. Brushing should be taught to the kids by the age of three and it’s not only the responsibility of the dentist but the parents also to teach their kids about the essentials of brushing.

Keep a close watch on their brushing

The role of the parents is not just to teach their kids about brushing, but they also need to give more importance when kids start brushing by themselves. Kids usually have to brush twice a day and they should know the right way of brushing. It’s the responsibility of the parents to make sure that there kids are brushing twice daily without fail. A good brushing could only be done by a good toothbrush and if you are choosing a tooth brush for your kid make sure select a toothbrush that has the soft bristles because hard bristles could severely damage the gums. These days there are also available electric toothbrush which is good but you have to again teach your kids to use these brush properly for brushing.

Don’t miss flossing

Flossing is not only important for the kids but it is also very important for the adults as well. Every kid is required to do flossing at least twice a day to keep his/her dental health in good condition. Flossing is been mainly done to clear or remove the debris between the teeth and the gums that could cause severe infection and cavity. Every kid should be told the correct way of flossing by the time they turn 3 and should never skip flossing.