Month: December 2018

Modern Advancements Made In Contact Lense Technology

December 29, 2018 By admin 0

People who suffer from shortsightedness, hypermetropia and astigmatism often have to wear glasses, and we all do agree that wearing glasses could be a problem. Glasses break, get dirty quickly, the lens gets damaged, slips from your nose every now and then, thus creating a…

Self-Care Strategies for Busy Folks

December 4, 2018 By admin 0

Eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep, and making time for friends and fun can all take a back seat to daily demands that sometimes seem impossible to accomplish in a 24-hour span. But the fact is you need to make time for self-care to tackle…

A Balanced and Modified Diet plan as per Ayurveda!!!

December 4, 2018 By admin 0

Ayurveda, an ancient medical system of India, encourages a healthy life with the help of proper diet and lifestyle. Recently, it has become really very popular in the society because of its great healthy tips without any side effects. These days, because of the bad…

Checklist For Good Oral Health

December 4, 2018 By admin 0

The average individual believes that the best way to keep up with a good oral hygiene is to brush or floss twice daily. There is no doubt that flossing and brushing is a good idea but they are other few things you can do differently.