Modern Advancements Made In Contact Lense Technology

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People who suffer from shortsightedness, hypermetropia and astigmatism often have to wear glasses, and we all do agree that wearing glasses could be a problem. Glasses break, get dirty quickly, the lens gets damaged, slips from your nose every now and then, thus creating a burden over your head. If you suffer from the same problems then contact lenses are the best solution to these types of problems. contact lens has progressed at an exponential rate in thd past few years.

They have seen many changes in them, from materials to moisture coating and even UV protection.

  • Lens’ material: Earlier, the soft contact lens was made out of plastic polymer which provided comfort but failed in providing ample amount of oxygen to the eyes. Corneas get its oxygen directly through diffusion but due to prolonged use of contact lenses, the breathability of it may get blocked, but today, contact lenses are made with materials that offer oxygen to the cornea. Silicon is introduced in the polymer to make it more functioning and eye-friendly lenses.
  •  Lens design: It is the most vital thing because your eyes’ health depends on it. Before many people who only need glasses for reading purposes or bifocals or progressive did not have the choice of contact lens but today, contact lenses are available in many designs like a multifocal contact lens, astigmatic contact lens and Rigid permeable gas contact lens. To have access to these lenses you need to have a proper optometrist’s prescription. For someone who needs to wear glass 5 to 6 days a week, are gifted with Monthly disposables too.
  • Moisture Coating: Without the perfect moisture coating, your contacts can lead your corneas to irritation and due to friction it can become uneasy for your eyes to wear those contact lens. To reduce the discomfort, a new type of moisture coated lens has come to the market which provides proper lubricity and wettability. Lubricity helps in determining how at ease your eyelids are while wettability determines that your contact lense allow water to spread properly over the surface.
  • UV Protection: Due to the increase in pollution, the whole world is facing ozone depletion, due to which the UV rays of the sun comes directly to our eyes causing some severe damage. Thus for people who wear a lens can get a special UV protected contact lens too. These are highly designed keeping in mind for people who are more exposed to sunlight. These lenses absorb the UV rays falling directly to your eyes thus protecting your eyes from severe damage. A plus point with a contact lens is that you can flaunt sunglasses too whenever you are out in the day. You do not have to worry about the glasses.
  • Wear schedule: Contact lenses have come with a different wearable schedule too. There is a daily disposable contact lens, which is best for children of age up to 5 to 10 years. These lenses are healthier and ideal for people who deal with allergies. Then there is a Bi-weekly contact lens which is best suited for people who have to wear glasses 5 to 6 days a week. This lens can be worn for two weeks long and then needs to get disposed of.

As we see, contact lenses have changed a lot during the years and new inventions are continuously taking place in this field. The day is not far when the contact lens would be used as shown in sci-fi movies and this would bring a revolution in the world. Modern advancements have become a part of our life and advancement in contact lens world surely has helped in eliminating many problems from the lives of people who are bound  to wear glasses.

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