What is the right time for cycling?

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To say it short, you ride whenever you feel right! Weather conditions and time of the day don’t concern cyclists. It is said that a good cyclist rides whether its blistering hot or a chilly day. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad accessories. And did you know that it is 20 times cheaper to maintain a bicycle than a car and there are twice as many bicycles than cars? If you don’t have a bicycle yet, go get one!

Okay, I understand that it’s a little over-exaggeration to say that you can ride any time of the day, so before you stop reading this, you take a look outside and make sure the weather is optimal for you. If you feel like riding, here are some things you might want to know to maximize your bike enjoyment in any weather condition and before you begin your same old bike riding:

 Bike Accessories 

Bike accessories make a lot of difference, they change the game completely. The right kind of gear will save you time, energy and enhance your biking experience. Mudguards, or fenders, protect the cyclist and moving parts from spray when riding through wet areas and chain-guards protect clothes from oil/grease on the chain while preventing clothing from being caught between the chain and crankset-teeth.

Front-mounted baskets or carriers can carry additional equipment and helmets can prevent injuries.

Are you afraid of rain?

Rain isn’t the reason you shouldn’t ride, only your unsuitable clothes should be. Get a rain jacket and ride away! If you are a person who likes breathable clothing, softshell jackets are the best. Most of these are water-resistant.

Did you know that cycling caps are highly underrated items when it comes to preparation for wet and cold weather? Worn inside the helmet, it keeps water from entering and provides insulation and retains heat inside, keeping you warm.

Also, remember to keep those mudguards on the bike during rain and take some(not much!) air out of tires to prevent slipping.

What about snow?

I don’t know, who rides during the snow? Right? Why not ride, snow shouldn’t stop you? The first rule here is to keep your body temperature balanced by wearing warm yet not too tight/skin fit clothing so as to restrict the blood flow, which will make you feel colder. So layer up!

Secondly, get snow tires for better grip and performance.

Hot summers?

 As it is with the summer, you sweat, so it’s a good idea to a attach bottle holder on the bicycle. Wear smart lightweight clothes with wicking properties and wear a good sunscreen with SPF(Go with SPF 50 as higher SPF levels aren’t worth the upcharge). Take drinks with you and choose a route where you can find drinks along the way. Keep sipping throughout the lap. During summers it would be wise to go cycling in mornings and evenings. Take a cold refreshing recovery drink after your return. Cold bath or shower feel great after that scorching heat but wait at least 30 minutes before getting into the shower.

So, summer and winter are just excuses!

Hope this was helpful!

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