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The stress-free feeling might be one of the best endowment anyone could ever have in this world full of expectations, disappointments, lack of humanity, and cultural barriers – Some people may be experiencing getting the least grade they deserve after striving and studying hard at school, some may be working hard for their company without them being valued and their skills being taken for granted, most people are crying over a person or over a thing that is never worthy of their precious tears.

It may seem that people are placed inside of a ball of stress, anxiety, and so much hurtful things – that results for the people to fail to see the beauty and worth of God-given gift of life because of the negativities blocking their views or perspective towards life. Some may be chasing things or people and/or digging the deepest corners of the world finding peace and contentment in their entire existence.

On behalf of health, physical, and spiritual healing, people may be too much negligence and naive to see all the variety of great ways to eliminate all the bad vibes on their way. This exercise or discipline, I suggest, might be the most probable key to de-stressing and relaxing.

According to Tessa Manning of Tessa Manning Yoga, Yoga has taught her to slow down and live from the inside out instead of outside in. She learned to overcome her fears, to breathe and to not be overcome so strongly to outside circumstances. Upon going through yoga, it taught her that pain is not stable, and she does not have to get too attached to the present pain in her life.

Yoga, somehow, is just a plain or common exercise in others’ perspective and understanding, little did they know, it has a lot of positive impacts to put you into an orderly living. Sit back and meditate while digesting all these delighting facts about yoga that everybody must know.


Yoga originated in India a very long time ago

The philosophy of Yoga originated in Ancient India and is said to be existing for nearly 5000 years. But there are some research studies and/or statements that say Yoga has been a prominent practice for 10,000 years ago, or 26,000 years ago.


Yoga: one of the oldest discipline

Though the exact date or year of its birth is not yet proven or totally and precisely calculated, it is said that Yoga is one of the oldest forms of discipline to date.


Yoga and Lord Shiva

It is believed that Lord Shiva of India is the first teacher of yoga or the “Adi Guru”- a Sanskrit word meaning first guru or spiritual teacher.


Yoga is no ordinary exercise

Yoga in India is a discipline or exercise that has a meditative and spiritual core. It is their form or way of de-stressing and soothing themselves.


It is listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage

Because of how it is preserved and valued by a great number of nations all over the world, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or commonly known as UNESCO listed yoga as an intangible cultural heritage on December 1, 2016.


It reduces cravings and overeating

A study conducted at the University of Washington believed that Yoga affects your eating habit by raising the perception of the physical and emotional awareness towards eating. Sounds good, isn’t it?


It helps in the improvement of the metabolism

Do not think that all the physical poses you do on the yoga mat are just for fun and relaxation, with every move you make, you are contributing to the development of your metabolism. It helps ease the irritable situation like constipation.


It leads you to a better relationship

By engaging yourself in yoga exercises, you are doing yourself a favour by leading yourself towards a better relationship – professionally or personally. Yoga affects the way you communicate with people as well as it affects your behaviour towards them. Regular yoga exercises can also benefit you socially.


It is capable of helping people with OCD

If you are a type of person with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD, you might as well try yoga exercises. Yoga has a great contribution to balancing your mind and your body through proper breathing and relaxation.


It boosts a healthy lifestyle

Yoga truly is like a coconut tree, so many purposes and benefits to be gained in a much easier way. It helps in boosting your lifestyle by helping you give up all your bad habits gradually and systematically.


It softly burns fats

What a wonderful phrase to hear right? If you think that yoga might be easy for you, then do not hesitate to start including yoga in your health and fitness routine. You can start by enrolling in yoga classes and buying yoga exercise equipment like a yoga mat and determination – the basic equipment.


Yoga as an anti-aging agent: It makes you look and feel younger than ever!

Who would not love yoga once they have tried? I doubt. Because like any other exercises, yoga makes people look and feel younger. Exercising or doing physical activities that requires much concentration and proper coordination of the mind and body, is much possible in reducing the unwanted signs of aging.


It helps people with psychiatric conditions

Yoga mainly benefits people physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is an epitome of a self-healing process. According to a 2013 study publishes in Frontiers in Psychiatry, yoga as a form of therapy could aid people living with depression, schizophrenia, and other psychiatric conditions.


It enhances the flexibility of the mind and the body

When it is said that yoga enhances the flexibility of a person who practices the discipline, it does not merely about his/her physical flexibility, but it is more on the enhancement of the flexibility of the mind. It relaxes the mind making it more capable to think clearer, wiser and sharper.


It helps in having a sound sleep

With a calmer mind and body, obviously, you will be having a regular sound sleep once you included yoga in your health and fitness routine.

Yoga is truly a profuse discipline which contains a lot of benefits that people will truly be engaged in. It is not just a type of exercise to sweat at but an exercise to stretch both of your mind and your body. It is evidently more than just doing physical positions and meditation – yoga benefits the ones who practice it in a positive and good way.


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