Worried about kid’s oral health – Interesting ideas that help to let them brush

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Kids are always careless about their oral health. They always prefer food like chocolate, ice creams and sweet gums which have a detrimental effect on their teeth. After eating such food they prefer to skip flossing and brushing and get themselves busy on other stuff. Hence parents face the biggest challenge to teach them how important dental health is. Although there are many good dentists like Yonge Eglinton dentist who are ready to provide the best dental services still parents need to teach their kids the best oral hygiene habits. For this there are certain interesting ideas that are helpful to develop regular brushing habits among children that will remain for a long time with the kids.

Make a story

Since kids don’t know why it is important to brush twice a day therefore they don’t show much interest in brushing and flossing. With the help of a good story you can teach them how and why brushing is important.Make up a story like how sugar will create a hole on their teethor how fast food can affect their teeth badly. Make up a story how the toothpaste creates a protective layer around their teeth which cannot be broken. Kids love stories and if you can create interest for them in the stories you are going to tell them they might carry the stories in their sub conscious mind for life and maintain a good oral hygiene for themselves.

Selection of the tooth brush

Kids always get attracted to new things like new toys, new bag, and new dress. So change their brush at regular intervals.

Selection of the tooth brush

  • For kids under the age of 5 choose the brush according to colors that attracts them the most.
  • Above the age of 5 let them choose brush according to their choices.
  • You can select a toothbrush which has their favorite character etched on it. Many toothbrushes that have a cartoon character on them are available.
  • During the selection of atoothbrush for your kids keep in mind one thing that the handle should be long so that kids can have a firm grip on it easily.
  • Be careful to ensure the bristle is soft while selecting the brush.

This will excite them and motivate them to brush daily.

Kids friendly toothpaste

Toothpaste for adults come in regular flavors like mint and kids get bored and do not show much interest in brushing.So you should be little bit choosy for the kid’s toothpaste as there is a wide range of toothpaste available in the market.

Kids friendly toothpaste

  • Everyone knows about their kid’s taste what they like most and what they like the least. Select a tooth paste accordingly. As they come in different flavor like fruity, chocolate, bubblegum and many more.
  • Don’t stick to one flavor; change the flavor at regular intervals (3-4 times a year) so that kids retain their interest for brushing and keep waiting for the change flavor.
  • One thing you must care before buying any tooth paste is to check their certification.
  • It will be a great idea if you ask your kid every time about their flavor preferences.

Music and brushing will be a great combination

Selection of brush and tooth paste according to the kid’s choice is not enough. The biggest challenge is to teach them the proper way to brush.

  • The recommended time for brushing is 2 minuteswhich most of the kids don’t do.But no worries music is the best solution for this.
  • Play rhymes, music, or any other kid’s videos that they like to watch while brushing.
  • While playing music teach them the proper technique of brushing.
  • You can also sing alphabets or count time for the next 2 minutes to make the brushing time fun time as well as the smart learning time.

If you do this regularly they will learn quickly and will enjoy their brushing time.

Proper way to brush

Two minutes of brushing is important with this it is also important how you brush. Teaching the proper way of brushing is important.

  • Every time repeat in front of kids that brush every tooth.
  • Hold the brush gently against the gum line.
  • Brush from the tooth base to the chewing surface.
  • After brushing the tooth brush the tongue as well as the upper side of mouth.
  • Demonstrate the brushing technique on their favorite toy or doll. They will garb this quickly.
  • If you have two kids then set a tooth brushing competition twice a week and count the brush strokes for 2 minutes. Children will get excited and will show interest in brushing.
  • Flossing is also important and should be done once a day to remove the particles between the teeth.

Reward them after small goal

Kids get excited when someone praise them or reward them. This will enhance their enthusiasm. Parents should adopt this phenomenon while developing brushing habits in them.

Reward them after small goal

  • Make a weekly chart and point out the two timesbrushing regimen. At the end of the chart mention the small reward.
  • Children are very fond of fairy tales therefore create a fairy tale and how they reward kids who have clean or white teeth.

By doing this Kids will feel great and will become cautious about their teeth.

Develop a Routine

To develop any habit routine is important.Therefore it is necessary for parents to be with their kids, ask them early morning and before going to bed if they have they brushed their teeth which music they like the most while brushing. Kids always copy their parents or their elders therefore show some excitement while brushing and are happy while brushing. This will help a lot to develop a brushing habit and after few months they will be habitual of this routine.

A visit to a dentist

A dental consultation is important to maintain oral health. Therefore visit at least one a year with your kids. Usually kids get frightened by the name of a dentist so in order to remove their fear shows them some videos or books about visiting a dentist. This will help them to get familiar with the environment.

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