5 ways to stay motivated in 2021

January 20, 2021 By smith 0

It can be challenging enough to stay motivated and on track with your fitness goals when life is normal but when the whole world is engulfed in a pandemic, staying motivated is a whole lot harder. When the new year begins, it is normal for you to have a list of goals and dreams you want to make a reality in the year ahead. However, nothing good happens overnight, especially in the world of fitness. Therefore, it is important that you have a plan in place to help you stay motivated and achieve your goals, rather than simply focusing on a list of things that you want to achieve.

So, we have put together this list of 5 ways that you can stay motivated in 2021 to help you stay focused no matter what the new year brings with it!

Eat better

If you spent the end of 2020 curled up under a blanket on the sofa, watching your favourite shows, and making your way through some Christmas chocolates, then it can be a shock to the system when you try to head out to the gym on a cold January evening. Therefore, we recommend that you start as you mean to go on and to help keep you motivated, eat better meals to provide you with the energy you need to stay committed to your healthier lifestyle schedule.

By ensuring that your meal plan for the week is filled with fresh vegetables and fruits, then you are going to feel much more inclined to do that workout you signed up to. However, if you ate nothing but processed foods and takeaway for tea the night before, then you will feel sluggish as soon as you get out of the bed in the morning. Instead, get creative with your food. Swap that processed food for healthy new recipes. 

Find a (virtual) workout partner

While we fully appreciate that having the freedom to head down to your local gym with a workout buddy is very pre-COVID-19, lockdown restrictions do not give you the complete excuse to sit back and lose all motivation. Instead, you can make use of technology and join friends online for a workout. Many gyms are now taking their classes online for their members, so even if you are stuck at home you can make the most of the resources available to you. Even by telling a friend you will meet them on facetime at a specific time and do a home workout together, the accountability of doing it with someone else will keep you motivated and help you stay on track.

Use muscle recovery equipment

Many people make the mistake of hitting the gym too hard in the first few days and weeks of a new year and find themselves in too much pain to carry on. Going at it hard in the gym takes its toll on our bodies, especially our muscles, so we recommend that you incorporate muscle recovery equipment into your new schedule.

There is a vast range of muscle recovery equipment available to help you target different areas of your body that are struggling post-workout. For example, the vibrating foam roller takes foam rolling to the next level and uses the vibration technology to increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles and speeds up recovery time. By taking care of yourself both pre-and-post workout, you can ease muscle tightness and soreness and protect your motivation for next time you are due to workout. Your motivation will soon start to run out if you are in pain all the time.

Set goals

While you shouldn’t put yourself under too much pressure when it comes to the goals you want to achieve in 2021, as this could kill your motivation, having a set of goals to work from can help to keep you focused. Our top tip when it comes to setting yourself goals is to keep them realistic as if you keep falling short of your goals and targets then it may become very tempting to give up altogether.

Do something different

If you are a creature of habit and find yourself always doing the same kind of workouts and activities, then try mixing it up and trying something different. For example, taking a Zumba class is a great way to get your body moving and working towards your fitness goals while still having fun and busting some moves.

By taking the time to look after yourself and mixing up your experiences, you will enjoy your new routine and find it easier to stay motivated throughout 2021 and achieve your new year goals.