Active Imagery for Lifters: Benefits of the Mind Game

March 11, 2019 By John Austin 0

Scientific research has shown that people have some nerves and neurons the become responsive not by doing actions, but just by observing it being done by others. This has led to conclusions that active imagery for lifters can prepare the body for action by triggering muscles and nerves. Most lifters have improved their motor skills in one of these two ways:

·         Imagining themselves lifting heavy weights.

·         Watching successful lifters who are at a higher level.

Both of these methods send signals to their brain to trigger the cortical neurons in the body. It is like an inner power with several benefits that we will see below.

It is Not a New Concept

First of all, this concept is not new. It gave early scientists sleepless nights until they came up with various studies to back it up. Of course, people will start to use anything that has scientific proof behind it. Lifters have been using mind games to become better by the day, especially when training for any tournaments ahead.

Researchers have all indicated that the effectiveness of this method will depend on the amount of practice given and the determination one has. Thus, the active imagery created in the brain acts as the driving force. In a sense, thinking about and not taking any action will not bring any difference to your life as an athlete.

It Enhances Performance

The aim of discussing the topic of active imagery in lifters is to talk about how it enhances performance. Of course, the brain is the processing unit of all the body’s activities. It does this but triggering hormones, nerves, and other body cells. In this case, lifters create active imagery in their brain when they see others lifting, and they say to themselves, ”I can do this as well.” These magic words make all the difference.

From here, the nerves and muscle cells are prepared for action. And this is where persistent training and use of enhancers from reliable sellers like muscle fax will give their full potential. Scientists who brought this aspect into light also mentioned that its role is to enhance your body into performing better.

Thus, lifters will start to experience the impossible becoming possible. Instead of taking forever in one weight category, you will find it easy to graduate to the next level of lifting after a short period of practice.

Who Are the Main Fitness Beneficiaries?

All along, we have mentioned lifters as the beneficiaries. Indeed, they will grow muscles fast as they train consistently and achieve their fitness goals more quickly. If you ask experienced lifters, the active imagery concept is crucial to them.

However, other athletes like sports people or any other fitness enthusiast can benefit from this concept. It will work in the same way if training, use of supplements, and diet are enhanced.


It is evident that there is hope for improvement in lifting when active imagery is involved. It is an easy game that anyone can use and change their career completely. If you are a lifter, you now have the highlights you need to succeed.