Finding Inner Peace with QiGong

October 28, 2021 By smith 0

Many practices that have their roots in the Asian continent promote mental health, self-love, and spiritual connection. These practices have grown in popularity due to their proven benefits to a person’s overall health. Yoga might be the most popular among these, although not everyone who tries it like it necessarily. In that case, if you are looking for an alternative practice that gives you movement and, at the same time, gives you clarity of mind, you might like Qigong.

Origins and Main Philosophy

Qigong originated in China, and although experts debate the exact period, it is believed that people practiced it 5,000 years ago or at the same time as Taoism. It is often referred to as the practice that cultivates our vital energy. The word can be divided into two to understand this concept better. Qi has its roots in Taoism. This philosophy teaches that all living organisms have a vital energy, an everlasting spirit and that the Tao, or universe, is the force that unites everything. The word Qi encompasses this idea of harmony and flowing energy. The word Gong means work or cultivation.

For this reason, Chinese physicians used Qigong to treat diseases, for they believed Qigong could cure all ailments by letting the energies flow naturally.

Its main philosophy is to bring mind, body, and spirit into a union by letting the energy travel naturally throughout the body. Taoism regards the body and mind as one. When problems in one of them occur, it is because the energy is stagnant and needs movement to follow its natural course.

Inner Peace with the Right Movements and Mindset

People with anxiety, chronic stress, and depression might benefit from Qigong. That is because Qigong combines slow movements, conscious breathing, and meditation. Qigong also works with two fundamental bases, which are that every person has a horizontal axis (west, east) and a vertical axis (north, south). Special movements allow the energy to travel from one axis to the other without disturbing essential parts of the body. Actually, it helps to restore balance to those areas where negative energy clung.

Sometimes we hold on to memories, people, places, and even feelings that are not beneficial for our mental health. These memories negatively affect the way Qi flows through our body. That is why one of the main objectives of Qigong is to focus on the present moment and allow negative thoughts to flow naturally and disappear on their own.

For this reason, it is also essential to come with a positive mindset. Practice it with a mindset of wanting to help yourself to clear out these unhealthy thoughts. Do not run away from them, though. Let the energies flow within you and accept your natural sensitive state and the fact that you are not at your best, but you will be. Follow the natural movements found in nature and connect yourself with the things that surround you.

Incorporating Qigong in your life

Now you know you can try Qigong if you want to change your mindset. You can have a more positive outlook, deal with anxiety better or just feel the calmness Qigong brings.

The healing process is not easy, but it will always be worth trying to enhance the way you perceive yourself. Practice those simple yet effective steps that Qigong offers to improve your overall health. Remember that the more you do it, the better the results will be. Always come with a positive mind and a desire to learn, to accept, and to transcend.

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