It still isn’t late to be the Healthiest, Fittest, Strongest version of YOU!

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Evolving with fast changing time is the part of life. You either like something or you don’t. If you do like something you mould yourself according to it and if you don’t, you simply try to make things work according to you. And if you stay the same, save yourself from the hustle, then life too makes it a promise to make your health an unsolved puzzle!

Life has its own little, creepy, sneaky ways to make your life a living hell and at times we make it for ourselves. Although we cannot really control what curve balls life might throw right into our face but there are a few things we certainly have control over, one of that is our health.

A good health will never stop rewarding you on the contrary if you try to mess it up your life will turn upside down. Life is always going to be busy, it depends how we make out time for us. “US” here includes every aspect and element of ourselves whether it is our mental health, emotional and social well being or physical fitness.

You take care of your overall health for an overall happy and healthy system. Every system here is inter-related and requires real attention.

Nourish your mindset, self care routine, attitude and your life will let you happily!

Your physical health can be worked up even at the comfort of your home, how?

Popular activities can include physio, yoga and massage. Health by Science (Scottish health, well-being and fitness centre) provide some of the regions leading physiotherapy Edinburgh therapies.

Just by doing your daily chores!

Involve muscles while washing utensil, scrubbing floor, vacuuming, mopping, ironing, dusting, going up down the stairs, going to nearby stores on foot

  • Squat while you do laundry
  • Go multiple times up and down the stairs in between cooking your meals
  • Go for grocery shopping on foot
  • Take your pet out for walks multiple times a day, even if you go once, just jog along
  • Vacuuming involves your arm muscles, make fast movements with both arms and you won’t even realize when you will start burning calories

Give yourself targets of doing combination of at least 10 different exercises daily while doing work. This could be at work, home, going out for walks anytime.

Only if you challenge yourself with 10 exercises then you will be able to do 5!

Exercises like triceps dips, squats, lunges, push-ups, jumping jacks or simple jumping do not even require much space or any equipment and can be done without sparing much time out of your life.

This is human nature to make big, unrealistic targets and to search for proper equipments, clothes, and off course we lead all lead the way when it comes to finding excuses. How about we start by making a few changes in the way we do things.

Few lifestyle changes which cost us a penny and will still contribute to a few big changes

  • Cut the carbs out of your diet
  • Try HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Take black coffee shots for energy
  • Take walks while talking on the mobile phone
  • Dance crazily like no one’s watching (Locked inside your room!)
  • Eat foods rich in fiber, eat more salads, drink raw juices prepared at home
  • Drink minimum 8 glasses of water

The combination of all of these will take your health to another level.

Make these slight lifestyle changes and within a few days you will feel healthier.

Now, coming to Mental Health try a few quick, priceless, easy therapies to treat yourself!

  • Smile often
  • Use mobile phones less often
  • Treat yourself with a healthy treat
  • Binge watch your favorite series
  • Go for night outs with friends
  • Go on a shopping spree
  • Cook yourself a yummy meal
  • Always spare time for your loved ones no matter how tight your schedule is
  • Be positive
  • Meditation is the key
  • Rather than running away from problems, face them
  • Had a fight? Make ways to solve it
  • Give yourself little pampering sessions

And, always remind yourself that whenever we talk or refer to mental health it does not mean a content life, away from problems, issues, stress it just means we need to find a way to cope with all these with a broad smile on our face.

There are times when not internal but the external factors ruin our health. These external factors can be treated too with the help of self help home care products. Some e-commerce websites have started selling products that can very well take care of your physical injuries. Some examples of these products are mobility scooters, Kodiak cold therapy, medical scooters, Gel heel, bunion corrector, genutrain knee brace, carpal tunnel brace, aircast boot etc.

If you are ready to help yourself there are endless things and facilities available in the market to help you!

Life never turns out to be as expected or dreamt. Accustomed, prepared and immune to all the challenges life might throw at me I wish to educate, inform other people not to turn a blind eye towards what might have started affecting them slowly. Our mental Health is what we ignore the most as it doesn’t bother us immediately but when the signs start to pop out nothing takes the life out of us like bad mental state does. With the power of words and love for motivational speaking I try to take up the responsibility to help people.

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