Tips to Keep Hair Healthy and Strong

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People are usually seen asking tips to keep hair healthy and strong? How to keep the hairs growing? So, in this article, we will let you know about various healthy hair tips because if you are not taking care of your hairs there are possible chances that you have to undergo treatment or Hair transplant in future. All of us possess a dream of having a healthy, smooth and shiny hair but is that easy to attain. No, it is not as many of our own regular practices can actually harm and weaken our hairs. Now, you must be thinking that what are they? So, go through the article and adopt the habits in order to protect the hairs and help it grow healthy.

13 Tips to Keep the Hair Healthy and Strong

Tips to Keep Hair Healthy and Strong #1. Protect your Hairs

To maintain the shine of hairs, always protect the hairs from sun, dust, rain, and wind. The direct exposure to all these would build up the dirt in the hair. The hair and scalp may also dry out due to this, and there is a possibility of infection on the scalp too. Therefore never expose the hairs directly to dirt, wind, pollution, sun, etc. Always cover the strands with an umbrella or with a hat or with a dupatta.

#2. Use of Shampoo and Conditioner of the Same Brand

This is an important thing which the people generally misses out. A company makes its products with the same formulation. So, go with the same line products of a specific category for better results.

#3. Be careful with Wet Hairs

As we all know that the wet hairs will break quite easily if proper care is not taken. Wet hairs are fragile as the roots and shaft of wet hairs are more prone to damage. So, don’t be too harsh with hairs while shampooing and avoid comb for some time after the shower.

#4. Right and Regular Conditioning

Many times you fill that your hairs are getting frizzy. Now, you must be thinking that why it happens. This is due to the lack of conditioning. Never miss to the conditioning after the shower. Moisturizing Conditioner after the shower will give the needed shine and growth to the hairs. The best way to apply conditioner is to condition it about 2 inches away from the scalp and avoid over scalping. Also, this will keep the hair scalps away from being over oily.

#5. Dry Your Hair Cautiously

Always pat dry your hairs as this will keep the hair away from breakage. Never rub the hairs. Rubbing weakens the roots of the strands, and you may experience an excessive hair loss.

#6. Oil The Scalp Frequently

To nourish the hair, oil it frequently, this is the best tip to keep hair healthy, the practice supports the hair growth and will make the hair roots even longer. But an over-practice of oiling the hair can be even worse for you. Apply the oil gently and then use then shampoo to get rid of the oil. Oiling before an hour or two before the shower is the best.

#7. Don’t Use Too Many Products

It is good to go with shampoo, serums, conditioners but never mix up into different brands as this will worsen the health of hair roots. Also, avoid the bottled products.

#8. Healthy Eating

Health and Hair are both directly interrelated to each other. For the proper health and growth of hairs, a certain type of vitamins, iron, and proteins are required. So, a habit of healthy eating would make the hairs more shiny and stronger. Vegetables and fruits for strong hairs is the best option without any side effects, instead of using supplements and medicines it is recommended to eat a healthy diet!

#9. Get Supplements if Needed

As we have already discussed that vitamins, iron, and proteins are required by the hairs for the proper growth which is provided through our diet. But when the diet is unable to provide the needed growth, the intake of supplements is suggested. These supplements would help the hairs in attaining its proper health.

#10. Use Cold Water for Hairs

It is recommended to use cold water for hair cleaning. Therefore, instead of going with hot water, go with cold water (room temperature) for hair cleaning.

#11. Don’t Over Apply Heat On Hair

The overheating on hair takes away its shine and makes it rough, dry, and frizzy. Therefore, use the hair curler, straightener only when needed. Also, the overheating can burn your hair. So, be very careful about this.

#12. Avoid Tight Hair Ties

Tying the hair tight may lead to breakage of strands as the friction will be increased. So, instead of this, you can use cover to protect your hairs. Also, when you go to sleep, never tie your hair too tight as it would be a frizzy mess. An alternative to this is side braid.

#13. Use Satin Pillow Covers

Use satin pillow covers as a replacement to cotton and other materials as the satin material possess a lower friction rate. So, the satin cloth will reduce the hair breakage.

These are the 13 tips to keep the hairs healthy and strong. Now, the question arises that is the high brand, and expensive products are the only remedy for healthy hairs? No, there are many different healthy hair home remedies too, which can be handy in making the hairs long and strong. Check out the complete list below:

Hair Care Tips at Home

#1. Eggs

An egg is one of the best home remedies for the shiny and strong hairs. Massage the strands with the yellow part of the hair or go with a mixture of olive oil, egg yolks, and vitamin E oil.

#2. Banana

Banana is rich in potassium. So, mash a banana and start applying it from the roots of the hair. Keep it for a minimum of 15 minutes for the better results and then wash it out.

#3. Oil Massage

Oil Massage is the most traditional and old way to get rid of the itchiness of hair. The best oil suggested for oil massage is olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil.

#4. Mayonnaise for Hair Conditioning

Apart from the taste, Mayonnaise is also good for the hairs. It works as a hair conditioner and nourishes the hairs.

#5. Amla

Amla has always been suggested for hair cleaning. Apply the mixture of lemon juice and amla powder in your hair roots to experience it.

#6. Honey

Honey is a good home remedy for skin and hair both. Honey helps in repairing the damages hairs by preventing hair fall.

#7. Beer

Beer is a shiny ingredient for the hairs. So, wash your hair with beer for the healthy and shiny hairs.

Hope you loved enjoying about the different home remedies to keep the hairs healthy and strong. You can communicate with us by commenting in the section provided below.

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