Tips on How to make THC cartridges like a Pro

August 1, 2019 By smith 0

Buying pre-filled cartridges are the way to go if you do not have time to prepare your own. Nonetheless, most of the time, one thing that people do not like about the pre-filled option is that it does not meet their needs fully.

The best way to tackle this is to prepare cartridges at home. If you want to know how you can make them, then this article will help you understand what to do. You will also get to know tips that you could use to prepare better THC vape juice.

You should have the right ingredients

Before you even start preparing the THC, one thing is evident. You need to have the appropriate elements. By doing this, you will also enjoy the THC’s full benefits.

The THC concentrate

Whether you use a distillate or wax, one thing is needful. It should have a good amount of THC. The good thing about THC is that it goes directly into the bloodstream. Meaning, if the THC content is high, then you do not need many puffs to get you high.

When picking the concentrate of your choice, a sneak peek at the labels can give you a clue of how much THC is available.

On the other hand, some retailers add a little CBD. Its work is to lower the effects of THC. Thus, people who do not want to get too high can benefit from the CBD.

Right terpene and liquidizer

Cannabis has terpenes as well. Nevertheless, THC may have very little because of the numerous extraction processes it goes through.

Therefore, adding artificial terpenes, such as terpsusa, can enhance the THC or bring balance to the final blend. As you buy, be able to differentiate between a thickener and a diluent. Some of the terpenes can function as both. However, they have distinct uses.

In the case of a liquidizer, you can rely on a good solution if you are using wax. Liquidizers assist in the smooth transformation from solid to liquid. It also works on giving the vape juice the right viscosity for your vape pen. The good thing about liquidizers is that they do not dilute THC concentrates.

Now, buying the right terpene or liquidizer is one thing. Getting the right amounts to mix with the concentrate is another thing. Hence, use the terpenes manual to know how much you have to add to ensure that they work well.

Changing the concentrates into vape juice

As mentioned earlier, this process is simple.

–         Take the wax and add the right amount of terpene or liquidizer. Mostly, it should be 1ml for a gram of concentrate. Consult the manual provided, however.

–         Stir the mix and heat it to up to 150F. If you are using a microwave, then ten seconds would be enough

–         Wait for the solution to cool then you can add it to the cartridges.  

–         Store the extra e-juice and connect the cartridge you want to use to the battery. Make sure that the battery is on a full charge for it to function

If you will be preparing differently flavored vape juice for different cartridges, do it separately. Try out different flavors to keep your vaping exciting and diverse.

Buy as many cartridges as you can

Even though you can reuse the cartridge severally, ensure that clean it thoroughly before refilling it again. It prevents previous flavors from interfering with the next refill. Something that you ought to be keen while purchasing is the type of cartridge that you buy. Ensure that it matches with your battery.

After adding the vape juice into the cartridges, your next task is to store them properly. Vape juice is “allergic” to oxygen, moisture, and sunlight. If you can avoid those three inhibitors, then your vape juice remains active even if it stays for long.

Final remarks

When you have the right ingredients, then preparing it should not be such a challenge. Therefore, work on getting the right constituents for your vape juice so that you can have an easy time making and vaping it. If you are in an area where THC may be illegal, do not worry. You can remain discreet during preparation by adding the right terpene flavor to your vape juice. After you finish with the preparations, you will not leave any scent behind. In fact, nobody will detect that you prepared the vape juice.