Top 5 Beauty Tips for Healthy and Younger Skin

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Even men do not want to age but unlike women, most guys look a bit older than they truly are because they don’t take care of their skin or do something to at least slow the process of aging. The extent of your wrinkles, under eye dark circles, as well as dull looking face all rests on you alone. But no need for despair because there is hope. There is a trickle of easy and simple steps that you can do to keep your skin healthy, firmer, and even younger in no time. Here are the best anti-aging beauty tips for men that you could start making as your own routine.

#1 Never forget the basics.

There are some men who would wash their faces with a body soap or with just water while many guys do not apply face moisturizers. But it’s time for you to know that washing your face using a men’s face wash and moisturizing it with a facial moisturizer specifically made for men can actually improve your skin. Doing it in the morning and night will dramatically increase your skin’s clearness, lessen your lines, and create a more revitalized appearance. All you have to do is get a routine and commit to it daily.

But remember to know your skin type first before you buy your daily face care stash. You also need to consider the season, environment, or age that you are currently in since these may affect and change your skin type. A normal skin type (smooth and healthy complexion) is the easiest to care for while a sensitive skin which easily gets irritated just by washing (creates redness or patchiness) is the hardest to handle. If you have a dry or flaky skin, you probably need to moisturizer more while an oily skin with enlarged pores must be washed more than the usual 2x a day to keep it dirt and oil free. You can also have a skin that is a combination of other types making it trickier to manage.

Knowing all these can help you determine the products that will best fit your regimen for a younger and healthier skin.

#2 Always hydrate yourself.

Hydration is probably the most essential beauty tip for a young looking skin. Your body is composed of about 65 percent water and denying it of water is a major no-no to a fab and healthy skin. If your skin is not getting enough water, your skin will immediately become dry, tight, and flaky which are all signs of lacking hydration. You should also know that you lose water in huge quantities every day, that’s why you need to ensure that you are replacing it somehow.

You should then ensure that you are drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to preserve your hydrated skin. Wherever you may go, always carry a bottle with you to avoid depriving your skin of water. If you want better results, you can switch to coconut water from your usual sparkling drinks which usually releases toxins in your body and lead to breakouts.

#3 Allot a budget for a nightly anti-aging cream for men.

Investing in anti-aging creams and serums can help in slowing down your aging and plumping up your skin cells.

In choosing the best anti-aging cream for you, find the one that is packed with tons of natural anti-aging ingredients like aloe, DMAE, green tea, and hyaluronic acid. It is also better to use a face cream that is lightweight so that wearing it will not be too obvious. An anti-aging cream used nightly works by allowing your skin to naturally restore itself to its healthy and fresh state.

For an enhanced result, consider using an anti-aging serum for men before applying your anti-aging cream. A serum is an effective skin care product that penetrates deep into your skin and encourages collagen production. You need to know that most facial moisturizers and creams are only meant to penetrate your upper skin layers so that they can protect your skin and lock in moisture. While serums enter your skin beyond the upper layers and get the desired essential nutrients and ingredients where they are needed. That process can reduce your wrinkles and fine lines and also prevent the future onset of other signs of aging.

#4 Avoid the sun as much as possible.

Even if you are using a sunscreen with the highest SPF level, the sun will still find its way to harm and damage your skin. Don’t blame the SPF because it surely does work, blame yourself because you are not re-applying your sunblock lotion every 30 or 60 minutes as instructed on the label.

Staying safe under the sun does not only help in minimizing early wrinkles but also prevent you from getting skin cancer. Thus, if you need to be exposed to the sun for a long period, try covering every inch of your body from its harm. If this is not possible, make sure that you apply and re-apply your sunscreen as indicated in the bottle. When your skin starts to burn, it will be too late and harder to correct since your skin has already been damaged permanently.

#5 Get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and eat healthy foods.

This may be something that you usually hear from your mother but fast skin-aging is commonly brought by a lifestyle that is consists of less sleep, zero exercise, and poor food choices. Studies and researches have proven many times that an unhealthy lifestyle can inflict mayhem on anyone’s aging system.

Ensure to get proper sleep and plenty of rest. If you are tired and you don’t give your body the rest it needs, it will eventually show up on your skin. The fastest cure to the dismal and sullen skin is a deep sleep.

Your body gets numerous benefits from a regular exercise and a healthy skin is of them. Keeping your nerves calm can also help by preventing stress which is the biggest enemy of a good and supple skin. Try doing yoga, meditation, or even deep breathing exercises.

Having a healthy and balanced diet is another way of keeping your skin energized. Include in your daily food intake products that are rich in omega fatty acids and antioxidants. Surge your intake and doses of fresh fruits such as watermelons and oranges. Also never forget your vegetable servings as they help in retaining the glow of your skin.

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