7 Common Health Risks for Elderly Women

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According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, senior women are likely to experience a number of health conditions in the golden years. From cardiovascular diseases to obesity, elderly women can be on the verge of several health risks. Senior women can take effective measures to reduce the risk of age-related diseases on their own. Clarksville respite care providers have discussed 7 most common health conditions elderly women are susceptible to and how they can be able to prevent it.

#1 Arthritis

Arthritis affects around 50% of all older adults above the age of 65 and it often tends to deteriorate their quality of life. Senior women can get the medical assistance required to maintain their health by working with a physician. Despite the discomfort, staying active helps boost joint functions. Many other forms of arthritis might cause severe changes which includes redness of the joints, extreme swelling, or excruciating pain. If senior women are experiencing muscle stiffness or muscle redness, it can be some of the symptoms of arthritis and they should visit the doctor for immediate care. Different types of exercises can help senior women mitigate the risk of arthritis at an older age. Aerobic exercises or body strengthening exercises can reduce body stiffness, prevent obesity, decrease swelling, and enhance body flexibility.

#2 Heart Disease

Nearly 33% of woman’s lives get affected by heart diseases. Senior women have twice higher chances to lose their lives within a year after a heart attack than men. About 66% of fatal heart attacks occur without any prior complaints of chest pain. Jaw pain, nausea, and difficulty breathing are some of the indications of heart diseases among senior women. Following an adequate diet and fitness plan and maintaining a proper weight can keep the cardiovascular system healthy. Seniors women should also get health checkups on a regular basis to make sure they are not at risk of heart-related problems.  By making a few lifestyle changes in the routine, senior women can reduce the risk of stroke naturally.  Senior women should make sure their cholesterol levels are low which can be one of the major underlying causes of heart attacks.

#3 Stroke

The fatality rate of women due to a stroke is higher than men. Even though women have fewer strokes, it can be life-threatening and equally as dangerous as other major age-related diseases. Senior women should be aware of the risk factors of stroke and adopt healthy lifestyle changes to maintain heart health and physical wellbeing. Giving up smoking, eating a healthy diet, doing a regular physical activity, and maintaining a healthy weight can boost cardiovascular health and overall quality of life. By remembering the word FAST, it can be easier to detect whether a senior woman is having a stroke or not. Face drooping, arm weakness, speech impairment, or time to call a doctor.

#4 Cancer

Nearly three-fourths of female deaths occur due to cancer. Cervical, lung, and breast cancers are major causes of death in women. Early diagnosis and treatment can increase the chances of longevity. If there is a family history of cancer, women are at greater risk. There are several symptoms of cancer senior women should know about which includes mole growth, extreme fatigue, trouble swallowing, or severe bleeding. It is better for women to go for regular checkups regardless of their age or potential symptoms. If the cancer is detected early on, the doctors might be able to prevent it completely.

#5 Autoimmune Disorder

Autoimmune disorders like Lupus, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, or Parkinson’s are found to affect more women rather than men. However, with vague symptoms, receiving a proper diagnosis can become difficult. If your loved one shows or complains of unusual symptoms, take him or her to a doctor and make sure he or she is appropriately evaluated. If a senior woman has an autoimmune disease, her immune system becomes hyperactive and directly attacks the other parts of the body by mistaking it as foreign. There are some types of autoimmune diseases which target only one organ of the body, while others can attack different part all at once. There are more than seventy types of autoimmune diseases which include diabetes, arthritis, Addison’s disease, or celiac disease.

#6 Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a common degenerative disease which diminishes the bone density. Many senior women are unaware of the fact they have osteoporosis until they get a bone fracture. The female body focuses on maintaining the existing bone tissue, when a woman crosses the age of 30, by making necessary repairs. Senior women can strengthen the bones and reduce the chances of fractures by adding vitamin D and calcium to their diets and doing weight-bearing exercises. Elderly women should get bone density tested to determine overall bone health and get possible medications prescribed. A DEXA scan can help senior women determine their bone density and help them reduce the risk of falls. To prevent osteoporosis, senior women should avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, and exercise regularly, or consume nutritious food.

#7 Depression

About 5 million people in the US are greatly affected by depression at an older age. Senior women have higher chances to experience depression than men. Chronic disease, hormonal changes, and loss of independence or a spouse are some of the causes of severe depression. Other common symptoms of depression include changes in sleep patterns, regular diet, social behavior, or mood swings. Family members can play a major role in reducing the risk factors by staying in touch with their loved ones. Encourage your senior loved one to participate in community activities and socialize more with their neighbors or community members. Spending time with pets can also boost mood and reduce depression naturally. Extreme depression can put senior women at risk of cardiovascular diseases or heart attack.

If your aging mother, grandmother, or loved one needs assistance to stay healthy, it is best to take her to a professional doctor for a complete evaluation. Changing your overall lifestyle and consuming nutritious meals every single day can allow senior women to reduce many health risks.

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