What do CBD edibles do?

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There are two kinds of people in this world, one who eats, another who read and then decide to eat. This is for the latter kind. With the recent legalization of CBD there has been a huge influx of CBD products in the market.

Several new products are planned for the near future and there are a lot of options available already. If you wanted to categorize all of the CBD nexus into broad product types these would be: Smokable, edible and applicable. Smokable products consist of flowers, pre-rolled and oils. Applicable CBD products would be creams, lotions or oil tinctures. As far as edibles are concerned these could be gummy bears, sugar candies, protein bars or CBD drinks.

CBD is a naturally occurring substance that has been known to mankind ever since evolution began. Ancient hindu mythology, chinese scriptures and various other books of religious importance have mentioned the positive effects of Cannabis. It is known to reduce anxiety, preventing seizures,pain, nausea, inflammation and stress. Numerous diseases can be treated better with the help of CBD. More recent discovery of the endocannabinoid system in our body has led to a world wide acceptance of CBD.

What do CBD edibles do?

CBD legalization has been made possible by ardent efforts from scientists from all verticals of life researching the possible benefits and applications of CBD in our daily lives. Why would CBD edibles be left from this? Many people are skeptical about CBD and how it effects when infused with edibles. What do CBD edibles do? they ask. Well here is a list of things that CBD infused edibles might do to you:

  • CBD when infused with food offers pain relief for a longer duration. Since it is digested slowly, users experience an extended effect of CBD.
  • CBD activates the mind, does not cause psychotic grinds. CBD molecules block the CB receptors responsible for feeling high and work on your body instead of the mind.
  • You can cook it with your own food. CBD is available in many soluble forms for people who love to cook their own food. Mix it with everything you make to experience the beneficial effects.
  • Edibles are non-toxic. While smoking a CBD product might lead to lung irritation, eating CBD eliminates the heating process and reduces the risk of lung irritation from negligible to none.
  • CBD when mixed with other herbs in your food, amplifies the positive effects of terpenes present in your food. All your special organic shakes can have CBD in them without the worry of flu.
  • CBD edibles are easy to doze and use. Unlike smokable products, CBD edibles can be accurately measured when used. Every edible that you eat comes with a specific concentration of CBD.
  • CBD edibles are discret in the sense that they don’t require you to go anywhere and use, you can eat a gummy bear or have lunch without the worry of getting noticed for CBD use.
  • CBD edibles unlike other forms of CBD are fairly easy to use. The only thing you need to do is chew. You don’t need any using apparatus as such, just open the pack and eat.

What CBD edibles are available?

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Now that you have been introduced to the benefits. Let’s introduce you to the different kinds of edibles that come with CBD. While you are spoilt for choices of flavours all the CBD edibles can be divided into these types:

  • CBD oil gummy bears

CBD oil gummies are small CBD treats that you can eat anytime, anywhere you feel like. Infused with CBD extract these gummies are a new version of age old gummies that were once a cause of excessive sugar are now effective pain relievers.

  • CBD bitters

These are traditional bitters with a CBD twist. Small but effectively infused with CBD, bitters can be used as medicine, flavouring agent or mixed with alcohol drinks.

  • CBD butter

The oldest CBD edible perhaps, butter is infused with full-spectrum CBD. This edible can be used with everything that butter is used with.

  • CBD chocolates

The sweet taste of chocolate with the calming effect of CBD. CBD infused chocolates give you all the benefits of CBD with the delicious taste of chocolates.

  • CBD honey

Another variant of a traditional edible is CBD infused honey. When mixed with honey, CBD acts as a natural cleanser and protects the ECS of our body.


All said and done, eating CBD is a fairly easy and effective method to use. CBD and the endocannabinoid system are like best friends. As soon as administered in our blood stream and stomach, CBD molecules react with the endocannabinoid system and initiate full body recovery. Years of pharmaceuticals have had a major disbalancing effect on you. CBD is an organic alternative that will not disbalance you, rather it is a way to be healthy and ensure that your internal systems are running smooth. While there are many brands selling CBD edibles, Green Roads has been a pioneer amongst all. The oldest in the CBD business, Green Roads CBD gummies would be a good starting point if you’re new.