10 Health Benefits of Prenatal Massage Therapy

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Pregnancy is a time like no other in the life of a woman. Their mind and body both behave very differently than how they usually do and this is why it is imperative to have a different healthcare regime in this time for a woman.

Drugs, medicines, and doctors’ appointments are necessary, but going the extra mile is always beneficial for us as women. One of the things that will help out women when they are pregnant is prenatal massage.

Masseurs use special oils and techniques like cannabis massage; check this post, and essential oil massage to prepare the mother’s body for the taxing days ahead and labor.

There are many benefits women can reap from prenatal massage therapy, here are some of them:

Prenatal Massage Therapy

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#1 Relieves Depression and Anxiety

Mothers go through a lot of different emotions during their pregnancy. If they don’t care for these emotions, they eventually fall into depression and anxiety.

A masseur often use different essential oils in massages that help the woman feel calmer and more relaxed during and even after the whole process is over. Massages also help in releasing hormones like endorphins that make the woman happier. They also help in reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol so that she relaxes.

Going regularly for these massages will help you stay away from mental health problems.

Mother and Baby Happy and Relaxed

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#2 Keeps the Mother and Baby Happy and Relaxed

We already mentioned how massages release hormones like endorphins and serotonin that make a woman happier. Other than that, massages help a woman feel the human touch. Experiencing human contact in a non-sexual way is one of the best ways to help a person feel relaxed and happy.

The baby also feels relaxed inside the womb. He or she becomes warm and comfortable after massages instead of restless. When the baby is relaxed, the mother also automatically feels happier.

#3 Regulates Blood Flow

A prenatal massage works on your blood vessels as well. It helps control the blood flow in your body which helps in making the organs in your body function optimally.

When the organs in your body receive blood optimally, it helps them function at their best. The mother’s body, therefore, remains wholly healthy and optimized.

Other than that, massages also help in regulating the blood flow to the placenta. The baby thus receives the best nutrition, and the fetus develops healthily. Massages therefore even get rid of the prospect of any health issues that could occur because of the inefficient functioning of organs.

#4 Controls Hormones

There are many hormones involved in making the process of pregnancy go smoothly and efficiently. Sometimes though, these hormones don’t function as well as they ought to because the body is not habitual of going through these changes.

When pregnant women get massages, the mind can control the release of hormones in the blood better than before.

#5 Prepares the Body for Labor

These massages also concentrate on muscles that help women push the baby out during labor. The massage helps in honing these muscles and developing them for the baby’s delivery so that it does not become a complicated process.

The body also becomes more flexible when it receives a regular massage which makes it easier for the baby to slide out during labor.

In the last few days of pregnancy, these massages can also help in inducing labor and getting the process done with quickly and efficiently.

Health Benefits of Prenatal Massage Therapy

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#6 Hones the Immune System

Massages don’t only help the circulatory system in regulating blood flow; they also support the lymphatic system. Perfect synchronization between blood and lymph flow helps the immune system to work proficiently.

The mother is thus no longer as susceptible to diseases and infections as she would be without prenatal massages.

#7 Reduces Joint Swelling and Pain

Many women suffer from swelling of the joints and consequent pain that occurs because they have to bear a lot of extra weight for a very long time. This swelling and pain can complicate itself and become a massive inconvenience for the mother for her life after pregnancy as well.

Massages help in relieving the pressure on the mother’s joint. This pressure is what causes the swelling to occur. They also help in sedating the pain in her joints so that she can move around well without any inconvenience.

#8 Aids Digestion

During pregnancy, many women go through digestive problems like acid reflux, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, and heartburn. The reason for the incompetence of the digestive system is that it is providing nutrition to both, the mother and the child. Stress is another reason why pregnant women face so many digestive issues. Taking too many medicines for these conditions is not recommended during pregnancy, so massages are the best option.

Massages help the food move proficiently through the digestive canal, and they ensure that nothing is hindering the digestive process in a woman. Massages also relieve stress and anxiety in women which is another reason why their digestive system works much more competently than it would otherwise.

#9 Prevents Nerve Pain

A woman’s body expands during pregnancy, and the process is continuous; thus, sometimes, the woman’s nerves become trapped or undergo a lot of pressure. This pressure on the nerves causes nerve pain in women, and it is tough to locate the source of the pain, and it can get worse over time. Sometimes this pain is not even relieved after the pregnancy is over.

Masseuses work on the body professionally, and they know what points in the body undergo the most pressure. They can help in relieving this pressure and preventing any nerve pain.

#10 Offers Pain Relief

Since the mother has to bear a lot of weight for such a long time, it often affects her back, neck, and shoulders. These areas then begin to ache, and it gets worse over time if it is not relieved in the beginning.

Massages can help in relieving the pressure on these muscles and keeping the mother pain free. They will also prevent any muscles from cramping up and any knots from forming.

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