Interesting Facts Bet You Never Knew About Eyelid Surgery

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Everyone knows this, and there’s surely some truth to it, “eyes are the window to the soul!”  When you meet a complete stranger, or even your close friends or family, that’s probably the first thing they notice about you. For beauty conscious people or those who wish to look and feel younger at all times, aging can take a toll on them eventually. If they show any signs of aging or feel self-conscious about excess fat or sagging skin around the eyes, this may even affect their self-esteem.

The fact is that aging is a natural phenomenon, and no one can avoid or hide from it. As we age, the muscles and the skin around our eyes sag and stretch naturally. In worse cases, genetics could even lead t the skin around the eyes to sag in a worse manner and become even more noticeable. To avoid these effects on the eyes, some people turn to sunscreen lotions and creams with anti-aging properties or ingredients, in the hope that they improve the aging effects around the eyes. Although they may provide protection, they cannot correct sagging, puffiness, and drooping that occurs over time.

This is a leading reason why people are turning to blepharoplasty or the eyelid surgery. An eyelid surgery in Atlanta addresses these problems and today, it is a very trendy cosmetic procedure.

The Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery provides people with a more youthful and fresh appearance, eliminating puffiness, removing bags, and the additional skin around and below the eyes. The techniques surgeons use helps to make people look brighter, younger, and give a more lifted appearance to their eyes. If you are wondering, whether this procedure is the right choice for you or not, here are facts we bet you didn’t know about it!

Eyelid Surgery is Also for Men

A common belief that people have is that blepharoplasty is a procedure only suitable for women, where the majority consider it for beautification purpose only. Well, this isn’t true. Like several other cosmetic procedures, blepharoplasty is also for men. Like women, men may also not be happy with the unwanted skin folds under their eyelids, or the excess fat that causes bagginess or puffy eyes. Men who walk into Crispin Plastic Surgery also choose the eyelid surgery along with other cosmetic procedures. Some consider the procedure for medical reasons, where their swollen upper eyelid may be interfering with their vision.

It’s a Straightforward Procedure

Yes, eyelid surgery is a straightforward procedure. Usually, it can last for an hour, but longer if surgeons combine it with other cosmetic procedures like a facelift. After the procedure, some bruising, swelling, and minimal pain are common, but you can head back home on the very same day. In your eyelids, you may feel some itchiness, but within a few days, this will fade away as well. Two weeks after the procedure, you may get back to your daily chores, but relax because the swelling and bruising may remain a little longer.

Dramatic but Natural Results

The results of the surgery can help to bring dramatic improvements to your look, yet still, keep you looking natural and more like you. Patients often report that they notice a brightened and positive appearance after the procedure, but the best part is that others cannot notice that they just had the surgery.

It’s the Treatment for Other Problems

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, “The eyelid surgery also addresses other problems that may be affecting your eyes, serving as a cure.”

Apart from eliminating the “tired” look from your face, the other issues it addresses include:

  • Sagging skin that disturbs and forms folds around the contour of the eyes, which in some cases may impair the vision
  • Eliminates under eye bags
  • Takes care of fatty deposits that appear more as eyelid puffiness
  • Smoothening out fine wrinkles and excess skin of the lower eyelid
  • Removes the droopy eyelid look, making the eyes appear bigger

Surgeons Make Inconspicuous Incisions

When you decide to opt for the eyelid surgery, you should choose board-certified surgeons who will make sure they perform the surgery carefully. They will place the incisions carefully in those areas that are inconspicuous, so the risks scars also become minimal. Often, your surgeon will make the incisions in the eye’s natural fold for the least chances of scarring and ensure a neat appearance.

Before you decide to choose the eyelid surgery, you need to know that your eyes are an important and unique part of your face, so you should consult a surgeon who has bagged years of experience in the procedure. You can discuss the procedure details with the surgeon, who should be able to customize it for you. Discuss all your expectations, wishes, and goals for the best outcome.

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