4 Best Workouts for Men That Can Meet All of Your Fitness Goals at Once

November 15, 2019 By smith 0

Everyone has different goals to achieve from the workout and no one can question the choice of your goals as it is your own choice after all. Well, the question is whether you are actually doing the right workout to achieve your set desired goals or not. Different exercises can lead you to achieve a different target, hence you should be very much clear about which exercise is good for you to achieve your particular target. Here are 4 gym workouts that undertake almost all the workout goals that most of the men desire to achieve.

#1 Deadlifts

It is called testosterone workout as it boosts testosterones level in the body. A deadlift is definitely going to help you in achieving your ideal physique, as it releases massive number of testosterones in your bloodstream. As testosterones are the most important element that aids in building muscles, the focus should be on increasing its amount in the body and it can be done by deadlift in the most effective way. Testosterone levels can also be increased by supplements; however, it is best to raise it naturally and deadlift is a good way of doing so. Moreover, deadlift includes many major muscle groups making them stronger while strengthening your core at the same time. So, do include deadlifts in your workout routine. Always sleep well, wear comfortable workout clothes, and fuel up your body with healthy diet before you do deadlifts.

#2 Pull-Ups

It is a common perception that having too much obsession of achieving your target physique can enhance stress level which eventually restricts achieving body gains. Well, that is true to a great extent. Similarly, men are obsessed of having broad shoulders, pumped arms, V-shape back, and six packs. There is no doubt that it makes you look amazing when you wear well-fitted workout t-shirt in the gym and get everybody’s attention. However, indulging too much into such goals can actually take you away from the real fitness goals. The best solution to achieve V-shape is to do pull-ups on regular basis. This video can help you to learn how to do pull-ups. It simply makes use of your own body weight and that’s why it is considered to be one of the simplest exercises to achieve a better body shape.  


HHIT workouts have actually been designed to kill your boredom that arises by doing same boring cardio workouts every day. Along with that, it aims to burn more calories in less time while having some fun in doing the exercises. HIIT workouts boost your heart rate to a certain level where your body burns your calories immensely. HIIT exercises never let you bore, as in every class you have different exercises to do. HIIT has more than 450 different exercises that are done in different combinations, so it hardly repeats the same combination of exercises. If you are stuck and not achieving your goals even by doing regular exercises, HIIT is the best solution for you. It’s a complete body workout, so men can hit their almost all the major muscle groups that can tone up your body as you desire. If you’re interested to know some of the very useful workouts that help to strengthen your body, click here.

#4 Chest Workout

There is no argument over it that most men actually wait for the chest day and crave for its gains. Chest muscles actually cover much of your body area, so if the chest is developed well, you can show off your gains easily. It is always suggested to assign one separate day for complete chest workout at least once a week due to its great benefits. A man with a broader chest has a good personality and it shows high level of confidence.