Fascinating Reasons Why Women Should Start Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Right Away!

November 15, 2019 By smith 0


Many women are attracted towards Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) as they feel a strong need to learn how to defend themselves. Self-defense should be learnt by everyone as it is everybody’s need to be able to defend in case of a need, though women need it much more than men do. Women are more prone to receive attacks in form of harassment, so every woman should learn BJJ in order to have a self-defense. The skills that women learn in BJJ will make them able to defend themselves even with their weaker bodies as compared to stronger men. The best part is that you do not need to be super fit or strong to learn and apply BJJ skills and techniques to defend yourself. You can surely defeat a person who is even physically stronger than you. So, what are you waiting for? Get your BJJ gear and join BJJ class right away!


Overcoming Fear

Most of the women have fears of being attacked when they go out every day because of the common issues we see around us. As BJJ basically trains you well to throw someone on the ground and how to get on top in case of any attack, women can be confident and fear free. The best solution to overcome your fear is to start learning BJJ right away. Your confidence is just a few BJJ classes away, so put on your BJJ gear and immediately join BJJ class. Learning BJJ moves and techniques can give you a strong sense of confidence that takes your fear away.

Stress Relief

BJJ does not make you strong physically only, but rather make you able to deal with mental challenges as well. When you train, you become more composed and therefore you become more capable of handling stressful situations of life in a better way off the mat. You have to be calm during BJJ training and learn to accept defeat as well. Similarly, when you are in a trouble, you can practice to be calm and hence can overcome that trouble too. In an adverse case, if you are unable to manage to succeed in any aspect of life, you would have a strong heart to accept the defeat with a courage to work harder next time.

Well-Toned Physique

Many women come to BJJ class when they are stuck at a particular weight and are unable to reduce further. Yes, that is true, BJJ helps women to achieve their ideal body physique because of the tough training. Moreover, you tend to burn more calories so you can add in more calories in your diet as well. In that way, you can eat more and still can lose extra fat while doing BJJ. Apart from many other benefits of BJJ, it gives you well-toned physique without getting bored like running on treadmill.

Social Network

Whenever you start to attend any kind of classes whether they are cooking classes, language learning classes, or CrossFit, you are more likely to engage with many people in your class. And especially if you are a woman, it takes no time to become best friends forever. Well, this goes same for BJJ class. Many women become happier when they socialize during BJJ training. After a hectic day at work or after managing household chores, BJJ acts like a therapy to you where you release all of your stress through an extensive workout. Moreover, people with same goal tend to be likeable by each other. Soon, you start to hangout with your BJJ buddies as you feel comfortable when you have same topics to discuss and same preferences when it comes to order a meal.