7 Foods that will help improve your mental health

October 8, 2018 By admin 0

Your diet could be the reason you’re not feeling good lately. Because, the body need right nutrients over time to help keep away stress, fight depression and let you be free from anxiety. Sadly, most of us are very careless about what we eat, and this easily pushes us towards poor mental health. Recent studies have shown that making some slight changes to your diet can contribute greatly towards improving your mood and keeping any sign of depression away.

Naturally, mental health is something you can’t take risk with, and sooner than latter you must have to take a well-intentioned switch towards healthy diet. The focus should be on reducing the intake of process foods, sugary items, snacks, sweets and rather eating more of fruits, vegetables, low-fat diet. If you can do that, there is no stopping from achieving a better mental health and leading a rejuvenating life.

Here are 7 foods that will help improve your mental health –

#1 Beans

If you have not eating beans a lot lately, start it from today itself because it’s a great food for a happy and healthy brain. A diet rich in beans can keep your mentally fit, and this is something research has proved long ago. Beans are full of fibre and antioxidants and they are known to help in burning more energy, which is a major reason behind achieving good mental health.

More so, lentils and legumes and kidney beans are equally helpful when it comes to improving health. They can help keep the blood sugar level stable and you feel fuller for longer. And yes, beans are also good for memory. So, include it in your regular diet and keep your mental health improved.

#2 Walnuts

If you snack a lot but not sure what is good for your mental health, try walnuts and see the difference in a month or two. A handful of walnuts on a daily basis can ensure long-term brain health and this is something research has confirmed long ago. Like beans, they too are full of antioxidants therefore preventing oxidation in the body, including the brain.

What’s more, walnuts are so amazing that they can help grow new neurons which is equal to growing new brain cells. And when that happens, you don’t face problem in maintaining good mental health. So, eat more of walnuts and keep your brain healthy and achieve an improved mental health easily.

#3 Leafy greens

If your diet is not rich in leafy greens, you are then mistaking and bypassing mental health benefits as well. Green items like spinach, kale and collard are great for your body and overall health, and this is something proved umpteen times by researches. If you plate is served with green items, you can expect the cognition to remain stable for longer.

In fact, leafy greens are also helpful for dental health as they work as natural booth brush and help in saliva production. Consuming them regularly means you will slow down the rate of cognitive decline resulting in improved mental health. So, include leafy greens in your daily diet and stay on the right side of your mental health.

#4 Green Tea

Waking up to a hot cup of tea or coffee is part of many cultures across the globe. People drink these beverages to feel stimulated and rejuvenated. But sadly, too much consumption of tea or coffee can cause a variety of health issues, including stained teeth, tooth decay and risk of diabetes. Green tea however does not harm at all, and you can benefit from its proven benefits.

Studies have showed that drinking two to three cups of green tea a day can actually help reduce depression and anxiety. This is possible due to mood-enhancing substances present in green tea. Plus, it also has some caffeine that helps give you the same level of kick your regular tea or coffee would do.

#5 Oysters

Eating oyster can help lift your mood. Yes, it’s true and a growing number of people across the world now benefit from it. Up until now, we have known oyster to be an aphrodisiac but its utility for mental health now makes it a great food in your daily diet. They are known to ease anxiety and improve sleep quality, something that can automatically lead to a better mental health.

Oysters are high in zinc which is a substance responsible for lending all its mental health-related qualities. And if seafood is not your cup of tea, you can eat eggs, cashews to get the zinc for improving your mental health. So, get your food priorities right and take solid step towards having a healthy brain and mind.

#6 Blueberries

Consuming fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants can help a lot if you want to improve your mental health. That’s why blueberries are so much popular as they are known for their brain-boosting benefits. A special type of antioxidant – flavonoid – is present in blueberries that lends it all the qualities of improving your mental health.

Studies have confirmed that blue berries can help improve memory, regulate mood and delay the brain from aging. In fact, blue berries are also considered very helpful when it comes to treating some serious mental health problems. So, include them in your regular diet and stay mentally healthy forever.

#7 Yogurt

Yogurt and other probiotics are not only great for your dental health but also for your mental health as well. You know how fermented foods can fight gut bacteria and keep your digestion good. But did not know that your mood improves when the gut bacteria is checked? This is how anxiety and depression are reduced and your mental health improves.

Well, you should eat yogurt smoothies more often to perk up your moods. And even if the mood does not get better, there are dental health benefits to get for sure. You can consult a nearest dentist to know more in this regard. After all, the more you know the healthier you become.