Handful Tips to Choose Your MMA Gloves

November 15, 2019 By smith 0

It is very important to get good gear for your mixed martial arts training. It is fun to buy MMA gear, but some people find it extremely tough to find the best suited gear for them. For MMA, gloves are the most important part of gear and therefore you should buy gloves while keeping some very important things in mind. Never be so hurried in buying gears as they cost a lot and you should never end up buying a gear that is not suitable for you at all. Next time, you are going to buy MMA gloves, keep these following tips in mind.


MMA gloves are available in different style so first thing is to know which style is your need. Each type is used for different purpose in the training. Perhaps you would be needing more than one pair of gloves to cater your training needs. There are mainly three types of MMA gloves i.e. bag gloves, training gloves, and grappling gloves.

Bag Gloves

As the name suggests, bag gloves are meant to be used when training with a bag. Therefore, they are made with durable fabric and are lightweight. These gloves can be used for training with heavy bags and speed bags. It is suggested to wear hand wraps while using these gloves, as their knuckle padding is thin.

Training Gloves

Training gloves have a similarity with boxing gloves as they are used to hit focus mitts. They are best for sparring as well.

Grappling Gloves

Grappling gloves are light in weight therefore they provide thin knuckle padding. As they are light in weight, they offer great flexibility that is required for MMA training. It’s better not to use these gloves for sparring as they can hurt the training partner.


Size is very important in MMA gloves and therefore find those gloves that are well-fitted according to the size of your hand. There are different sizes available in the market, so when you go out to buy gloves, it’s better to try different sizes and choose the best one for you. The most important things are width and length of the gloves. The width of the gloves should be according to your wrist. Your selected gloves should be able to adjust hand wraps as well.


There are many types of gloves that have different features. There are some very important features that you must look for in the gloves such as moisture-wicking fabric, good quality leather, shock absorption, and high-quality foam. Also look for the gloves that have secure Velcro straps.

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It is true that price matters a lot when you are going to buy anything and for that reason we sometimes compromise over quality. Well, this is certainly not acceptable when it comes to MMA gloves. Spend good amount of money just once on the gloves and then you can have durable gloves. Eventually you will save money that would be required to buy another pair of gloves if you buy cheaper ones at first place. Good quality gloves will last longer for sure and will give you comfortable experience during your training that will definitely enhance your performance. So, you will have to spend more money to buy good quality gloves.

Choosing MMA gloves is a big task and therefore you must keep all of these tips in mind. Using these tips will help you to save money that can be wasted on buying inappropriate gloves. Always seek advice of your trainer as well especially when you want to buy only one kind of gloves that can be most useful for training. Moreover, never compromise over quality for the sake of style or low price.