My self-diagnosis

February 1, 2020 By smith 0

As the cold months were rolling in, I really started to feel it this year. I’ve always been pretty good in the cold but this year it wasn’t feeling right. I started to put it down to me getting older.

Now I’m not in my twenties anymore so it’s about time that my body started to age gracefully. I thought this was probably why I was really feeling the cold in my bones. Then I was watching a program on TV and they were listing the symptoms of an underactive thyroid gland.

The first thing they listed was being sensitive to the cold. Immediately my ears picked up and I started to tick off nearly everything else they were explaining. I had put on a bit of weight recently, but I had thought that was just the Christmas bloat. I was having a few muscle cramps, but again, I assumed it was because I hadn’t eaten all that healthily at Christmas and my body was adjusting to all the rich foods.

Then they talked about brittle nails and hair and it just ticked too many boxes. I was sure that I couldn’t just assume I was still recovering from Christmas and that I might have an issue.

A little trip to the Doctor’s and she’s confirmed everything I thought. The tests were pretty routine, just a blood sample and then a small wait for the results. The results were what I had already suspected and I don’t think I even needed to hear my doctor say the words, I was that convinced.

Now for the good part. I’d already done a lot of research into what I could do to help treat it. I’d tried to figure out what had caused it, but I didn’t really fit any of the causes I could find online. I wasn’t sure what my body was doing inside and I had no way of knowing the amount of Iodine I was normally consuming. So trying to pin down the cause was useless.

Instead, I purely focused on what I could do to treat it and to make sure that it played as small a part in my life as possible. I mean, why would an underactive thyroid stop me from just going about my normal, daily life.

The medicine was really straight forward. I was to take one tablet of Liothyronine a day. It wasn’t going to be onerous and I could buy it from the pharmacy or I could purchase it online. I found a great website to buy it from and avoid the trip to the shops. You can purchase Liothyronine here and stop having to drive into town just to pick it up.

My journey from watching a TV show, through figuring out what was wrong with me, all the way to treating myself daily was over within weeks. I guess I was lucky to have noticed the symptoms and had a doctor who was willing to give me that test.