Things To Consider While Buying An E-Bike For Health And Fitness

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Buying an e-bike is a pretty huge investment. Because the market is flooded with ample options you have to be careful with what you choose to have. Meanwhile, when your purpose is clear, to get an e-bike that puts special attention to your health and fitness it will become easier for you to choose the right one for you.

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Here is the complete guidance about the things that are to be considered when buying an e-bike for your health and fitness.


Your E-bike must be efficient in battery performance, cover extended distances and best brushless DC motors. To spend a good time with your e-bike, you need to have a small, light-weighted battery that gives you at least 15 to 25 km commuting each day, a 400 watt/h battery that lasts longer and a preferred type of motor.

These are the must-have quality features in every e-bike for a rider to help him attain health and fitness. To ride downhill and climb steep hills or on rough terrains, you need to have a 250-watt power that helps you to easily achieve your target range within time.


The best E-bikes are one that fits your size or at least can be modified to fit you with a few parts swap. Before investing in big as an e-bike, it’s important to make sure it feels like it was made for you.

It’s crucial to better understand what size is required and which frame you need. Based on your height you will find the right size bike to have the fully comfortable ability while you ride on high and low landforms. Rather than making an online purchase, it is better to visit an e-bike store and determine your correct sized bike so that your knees, shoulders, back, feet and hands are all aligned when you are in a riding position.

Another way is to visit a fit specialist so that he will suggest you your right-sized bike, which is important to prevent chronic injuries, and back pains and help you perform best.

Testing more than one bike will give you better exposure to too many options and help you confirm your bike style, size and weight. The bike’s weight depends on your weight, if you have a heavy body, you should be going for a heavy bike so it carries you cheerfully, and if you are a light-weighted person, a lightweight bike will help you move around.


Speed matters a lot when it comes to counting the best features in an E-bike that helps us with health and fitness. How? Let us explain. Speed is one of the concerns riders look for before investing in it. The more speed an e-bike can produce, the faster the rider will ride and simultaneously it will work on his cardio muscles.

Precisely, speed is dependent on the type of motor installed, how your bike assists and of course how good you are at keeping your bike well maintained.


Mainly there are two types of motors, Mid-drive motors and Hub-Motors. It is better for you to know about both varieties and choose according to their functions.

Hub motors are in the wheel itself, front, rear or both. While most retailers and other sellers supply hub motors more than mid-drive because of their affordability. Hence Hub motors provide more acceleration by propelling the pedal further.

The Mid-drive motors are built into the frame between the pedals and it is added to increase the power of your pedal stroke. These offer higher performance and are roughly 30 per cent more efficient. Although both motors have similar battery sizes but different efficiency.


You either ride a pedal-assist or a throttle e-bike. Both are the rider’s best choices for health and fitness care.

The pedal assist bike accommodates a rider during up hilling, providing 20 mph pedal assist, at that point the motor cuts off.

While throttle-assisting e-bikes require some power from the rider. Throttle can be handy for quick accelerations, but using a throttle will drain your battery faster.

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However, both the assisting e-bikes will be provided with 3 levels of classifications, Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3. Class 1 has a maximum speed of 20 mph, meanwhile, Class 3 only categorizes pedal-assist with a maximum speed of 28 mph. But comes with a twist or thumb throttle to accelerate without even the pedals.



E-bikes are coming down in prices as it becomes a known ride to many people. Also, its prices depend on your retailer and how much he is keeping the profit out of his selling. High-end road e-bikes are likely to be made from carbon fiber. This may weigh them lighter but cost a lot more due to their high performance. We recommend buying e-bike from manufacturers as you will cut the middle cost. And many manufacturers give out coupons for e-bikes so that will give you an additional discount.


The best electric bikes allow bikes to withstand rain. This won’t stop you from enjoying the rain nor will rust if you stop it under the sky. However, every rider wants their LCD, battery and motor to be splash-proof so you don’t have to worry about the rain or leaving your bike outdoors and uncovered. 


It’s a major factor most riders are seeking for. If you are willing to take your bike along on vacations or a picnic, the giant bike won’t be easy to carry to your next destination. Hence, some e-bikes are easily foldable and can be transported to your place without any difficulty.


Investing in e-bikes is a lot more than you could expect. It’s always a safe side to look for a warranty before you make a final purchase. Warranties help you to trust your spending and that if any damage occurs within the period it’s negotiable and you get a new bike in return.


If you make a purchase from a known brand with positive customer reviews, then there are a lot fewer chances you face any service or maintenance within the next 7 or 8 months. Otherwise, the little service required can be done at home as well. 


An e-bike arrives in separate parts with a manual and then you have to assemble it by yourself. Some bikes are manufactured in a manner to be assembled effortlessly, while others are into too many parts and it seems a little difficult to combine each in the correct order. Although both do not create any difference in quality but needed your little extra effort to sort out.

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